About Cresco Vietnam

We always strive every day to create the high value with IT
by promoting and connecting strengths and differences.

We, CRESCO VIET NAM, affiliated with partners in a rapidly growing Vietnam and companies in CRESCO GROUP to bring customers the best quality IT services.

Our Services

Offshore development ・Outsourcing services

Our quality is created by the methods of offshore services of Cresco Group.

We can flexibly accommodate your needs in terms of scale and period not only in software development but also in developing, monitoring systems, outsourcing internal information systems.

IT service for Japanese local company

Improving IT environment when establishing a local legal entity and opening offices to expand businesses, improving daily tasks, and some problems. Cresco Vietnam provides services by Japanese counterparts in Vietnam and by cooperation of each companies in CRESCO Group.

Corporate Philosophy


Connect each individual to produce synergy


Adjust and maximize overall capacity

Open up

Open up the future with maximized power and technology.

Connect Japan and Vietnam, create a great valuable environment and open up a new future with IT.

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