Actual introduction

Bank: Developing statistical data sales website
Process Design, CDUT
Period April 2020 to June 2020
Scale Approximately 9 man/month
Technology AWS , Java
Overview Developing a site that sells data owned by banks
Point Developed functions on the back end side.
Providing a specific design based on the Japanese basic design.
Successfully developing the functions which was removed to increase communication frequency..


Life insurance company: Agency Web development
Process From basic design to releasing
Period June 2020 to February 2021
Scale 65 man/month
Technology Java
Overview Developing tablets web screens for distributors
Point We supported from basic design in Vietnam. Initially, it was difficult to match the requirements with the Japanese side, but by helps of Local Japanese MGR with the design, conflict of understanding was reduced.
Life insurance: Supports core maintenance
Process Maintenance / enhancement development
Period May 2020 ~ on going
Scale 8 man/month
Technology Java, Astelia, etc.
Overview Supports maintenance enhancement of life insurance backbone system
Point Support for maintenance development that carries out development cyclically. Started operation as part of the Japanese team. Pre-shadowing support is provided for the purpose of business understanding.


Bank: Operational monitoring and maintenance of core system
Process Operational maintenace
Period October 2019
Scale 6 man/month
Technology Z / OS, JCL, Windows, SQL server, etc.
Overview Basic maintenace and operational monitoring of core baking system
Point We focus on regular work that can be applied into procedures, including daily request, and implement maintenance support in addition to operational monitoring. Operational mistakes are reduced by understanding all the process, including maintenance process.


Travel: Help desk support
Process Help desk
Period October 2019
Scale 15 man/month
Technology DynamicsAX
Overview Help desk support for ERP system users
Point As a help desk for the ERP system being used in branches that are expanding globally, we respond to the inquiries and requests.
We are able to supports both in English and Japanese.


Trading company: Test system development
Process Requirement Definition~IT
Period October 2020 to February 2021
Scale 30 man/month
Technology .NET
Overview Development of in-house test system application
Point Correspond from requirement definition. Local Japanese MGR handles requirements arrangement with Vietnamese members.


Manufacturing trading company: Developing parts trading package
Process CDUT, IT
Period May 2019 to June 2020
Scale 100 man/month
Technology AWS, Java, AngularJS
Overview Developing automobile parts trading package and cloud-native application
Point We mainly develop master data management and forms. We also focus on back-end development. Supports CDUT and integration test based on the Japanese design.


Sales trading company: CRM system development
Process From design to release
Period April 2020 to September 2020
Scale 300 man/month
Technology AWS, Java, React
Overview Developing business card management package software using Cloud-native
Point Business card management linked with smartphone application + developing CRM system. Consistent support from architecture design to release. Developing microservices architecture.


IT services: IoT platform development
Process SCRUM development
Period October 2020
Scale 2 man/month
Technology Java, AngularJS, Docker, etc.
Overview Join the SCRUM team and carry out agile development
Point Agile development as a member of the SCRUM team with two full-stack engineers


Travel: .NET version upgrade
Process Design, CDUT, IT
Period September 2020 to December 2020
Scale 12 man/month
Technology VB.NET
Overview Correspondence with .NET version upgrade. Including incompatibility investigation
Point Supports incompatibility investigation and design to integration test


Travel (public): Cancellation application system development
Process From design to release
Period November 2020 to March 2021 (Maintenance is on going)
Scale 50 man/month
Technology Java,  AWS
Overview Development of application system for cancellation application for travel assistance
Point It is a project with short delivery time and specification changes occur every time, but we support from external design to release based on requirements. The first stage release has been completed and is currently under continuous development.


Past achievements (list)

Classification Corresponding classification Summary of the case Use technology Engineering Scale
Bank Development LCR (liquidity coverage ratio) system-time development Java
unit testing
40 man/month
Bank Development Building a data analysis platform DataStage
Manufacturing, unit testing 180 man/month
Bank Infrastructure maintenance Web application for server log acquisition for operational resource management Java Requirements definition, design, manufacturing, unit testing,
integration testing
10 man/month
Bank Test Internet banking (individual / corporate)
acceptance operation verification
Automation tool Test 80 man/month
Securities Building a foundation AWS development environment
(70 units)
AWS Manufacturing, unit testing 10 man/month
Securities Migration Porting with SQLServer version upgrade
(DTS → DataSpider)
Design, manufacturing,
unit testing
18 man/month
Travel Development Travel industry
Tablet application development for tour conductors
Detailed design, manufacturing, unit testing 40 man/month
Trading company Migration In-house backend system
version upgrade Test 30 man/month
Chemistry Test No impact confirmation after security patch installation Windows Manufacturing,
unit testing
2 man/month
Temporary staffing Development Core system renewal Java Manufacturing,
unit testing
100 man/month
Temporary staffing Development Construction of multi-tenant system AWS
unit testing
10 man/month
In-house In-house development support tool Build test automation tools Selenium
unit testing
10 man/month