The three biggest features of offshore development and operation, served by Cresco Group.

  • 01 We cooperate with the local reliable & excellent IT companies and have a large number of excellent IT engineers who understand Cresco quality.
  • 02 Japanese staffs are in Vietnam as a communicator(※1) to achieve the success of the project.
  • 03 We also have staffs in Japan basically to achieve the success without customers concern.

As a member of Cresco Group, CRESCO VIETNAM is in charge of deploying these three features.
With these features, we provide customers with "Cresco quality" (※2) as in Japan.

Human resources

Providing a huge variety of human resource

Rapidly providing engineers that can meet all the requirements, and even handle all the changes with flexibility.

Improving by continuation

Explicit knowledge and low employee turnover rate.

The more you continue to work, the more you grow and polish your.


A unique structure for quality improving

         Many Japanese project managers (*) are working on-site. PMs can focus on leading projects.

Not by offshore members only

Managed by CRESCO Group in Japan, not by Offshore only


Not only development but

       Variety of services, not only development but maintenance, monitoring operations and helpdesk.

Tailoring for customers

Together with customers. We keep improving to match the customers' needs.

(※1) What is "Communicator"?

The unique name in Cresco Vietnam, similar to Bridge SE. The communicator performs to facilitate projects smoothly between Japanese Bridge SE's and Vietnamese Bridge SE's.

(※2) What is "Cresco Quality"?

It is "the standard quality (reliable and assured)" which Cresco Co., Ltd. produced in more than 30 yeas quality control activities.

Please see website for more details.

“Three common problems” of offshore deployment that communicators solve


Development status

"avoid Black Box"

Japanese staffs take part in and update situation

The local Japanese staffs apply "Cresco quality" to participate in offshore projects to grasp the situation, organize and visualize and avoid risks.


Communication gap

Japanese staffs also participate in online meetings.

Japanese staff also participate in daily meetings and chats. We will work to fill the communication GAP.


Difficulty to convey the exact message of the Japanese

Japanese staffs who know the characteristics of Vietnamese convey hidden messages exactly

It is Japanese culture to know hidden messages and atmosphere.
Japanese staffs who know Vietnamese culture and characteristics convey them exactly.