Our features

Our Features

IT services – Offshore development that Cresco Group offers 3 characteristics

  1. Excellent engineers
    • Thanks to cooperation with reputable IT companies in Vietnam, we always ensure an excellent human resource of IT engineers who understand the quality and technology of Cresco Group.
  2. Japanese staffs in Vietnam
    • Customers will talk directly with Japanese staff at native area, we will accompany you to success.
  3. Connecting Japan and Vietnam
    • In principle, we will establish bilateral system between Vietnam and Japan. So You can put your trust in Cresco Vietnam.

As a member of CRESCO GROUP, CRESCO VIETNAM we are in charge of all activities with the above 3 characteristics.

3 đặc trưng của dịch vụ IT và offshore do Cresco Group cung cấp

With these strengths, we will provide customers with Japanese-quality IT products and services, and digital solutions.

Human resources

Diversified resources

Always maintain the necessary engineering team so that the demand can be responded quickly

Enhancing through continuity

Thoroughly concretize knowledge,
experience, and turnover rate is lower


Special mechanism to improve quality

Japanese PM in locality
Specialization system specialized in project direction

Not dependent on the Offshore team

Cresco Group establishes management system in Japan
which is not based on Offshore team


Possible to support multi-task

Provide a variety of services include in development, operation monitoring, maintenance, consulting support

Ability to adapt to customers

Ability to meet customer needs<br> Always change until it suits the customers

(※1)What does “communicator” mean? “Communicator” is a noun used exclusively in Cresco Vietnam and is easily confused with the position Bridge System Engineer (BrSE). However, this is a separate position from BrSE, created when combining Japanese Bridge system and Vietnamese Bridge system to conduct the project favorably.

[3 popular problems] will be solved when a Communicator is here

  1. “Secretization” of the development process
    • Japanese staffs will participate and control the whole process.
      Local Japanese staffs will directly participate in the project team to research, organize, and publicize the process. Thanks to employees who understand Cresco Group’s products and technology, the situation of “secretization” of the development process will be solved.
  2. Distance in communication
    • Japanese staffs will participate in group meetings and online meetings.
      Japanese staffs will fully participate in regular meetings, personal meetings, and daily exchanges. The communication gap will be solved.
  3. 3 Difficulty in transmitting informaiton from Japan
    • Japanese staffs know clearly about Vietnamese characteristics will accurately convey hidden messages. Hearing and understanding hidden messages are a cultural feature of the Japanese. Japanese staffs know clearly about Vietnamese cultural characteristics will accurately convey hidden information.

Our Offshore style
「Standard operating system」

Cresco Group companies all set up a development system in Japan to perform the first steps in the process, plan, guide development, and perform acceptance testing as a project owner.

Contract will be signed by Cresco Group companies in Japan.

In Cresco Vietnam, we cooperate with Cresco Group companies and domestic IT enterprises to form a development team on demand. Cresco Vietnam’s Japanese managers will try them best to support the leadership of the development team, as a dedicated communicator.

※※ Example of standard system: The standard system will be adjusted depending on the scale and difficulty of the project.

Service system for Japanese businesses in Vietnam

In order to provide services to customers, Japanese manager in charge of Cresco Vietnam will be responsible for mobilizing, coordinating, and managing essential resources from Vietnamese business.
Our engineers along with reputable long-terms partners will focus on processing and on-site management.
As a result, Cresco Vietnam’s Japanese management can focus on product quality.

Cơ chế cung cấp dịch vụ dành cho các doanh nghiệp Nhật tại Việt Nam
Cơ chế cung cấp dịch vụ dành cho các doanh nghiệp Nhật tại Việt Nam

We trust and entrust the recruitment, training Vietnamese engineers to a partner company in Vietnam. As a member of Japan, we strive to achieve Cresco quality.
You will do well in somewhere you have more benifits. This style has become [Our features].