Why we develop offshore in Vietnam?

Our mission is to provide the value of Cresco quality to customers continuously, with the best technology.

As a result, we support your business success.

Through our business activities, we wish to contribute to happiness of the people in Japan, Vietnam and the whole world.


It is said that IT engineers in Japan will be getting less quantitively and qualitatively.

To continue the mission, it is necessary to maintain a stable number of excellent IT engineers not only in Japan but also in other countries.

Vietnam is focusing on IT development and many young engineers are trained in the STEM program and express their eagerness to learn.

We create an excellent working environment to ensure the number of high-quality engineers to meet the needs of our customers.


Quality is very important besides teechnical skills.

We also need a great working environment to achieve "Cresco Quality".

Communication is one of the important factors to achieve "Cresco quality" in development system.


During the years in Vietnam, we have cooperated closely with an IT company in Vietnam to sympathize with each other's efforts and thoughts.

Mutual understanding, empathy and trust are essential for better communication and cooperation.


Fortunately, we have built a good partnership with IT companies in Vietnam.

Cresco Quality can be achieved at Vietnam where has a suitable environment.


This is the reason why we deploy offshore development in Vietnam

Project management cooperating with VN partners

For our partners, we thoroughly implement processes to ensure delivery deadlines and quality while continually improving the process.

This is also a common tendency among Vietnamese IT companies and is one of the reasons why we chose Vietnam.


Almost processes that are executed from the start to the end of the project are as follows.

  •  Set project target and kick-off
  •  Project planning and review of PMO and QA departments
  • Review project weekly with PMO and QA
  •  Check periodic process compliance status
  • Update and improve process according to project status
  • Test deliverable sample at the beginning of the process
  • Verify acceptance of deliverables
  • Review and learn from experience after the project is completed

Depending on the project, CRESCO VIETNAM and the management of partner companies will also be involved in reviewing and managing the project as appropriate.

We combine partners process and Cresco process and constantly improve and seek better process to realize Cresco Quality

There is no perfect process that can be applied to anything uniformly.

How to keep delivery time and quality? How to change according to project status?

We do our best to create an environment that helps people collaborate and continually improve.

This is another reason why we deploy offshore development in Vietnam.