Cresco Charter

  • CRESCO is a people-centered, merit-based company
  • CRESCO is a company characterized by freedom, youth and dreams
  • CRESCO is a company that promotes the most modern techniques
  • CRESCO is a company where each person is mindful of how we run our business
  • CRESCO is a company that is a citizen of the world

Our mission

Our mission is to continue to deliver the value of Cresco quality to our customers with the best technology and to support their business success.

Realizing CRESCO's motto "Become a multinational company", CRESCO contributes to bring happiness to many Vietnamese and Japanese people through commercial transactions.

Corporate Philosophy


Connect each individual to produce synergy


Adjust and maximize overall capacity

Open up

Open up the future with maximized power and technology.

Connect Japan and Vietnam, create a great valuable environment and open up a new future with mordern IT.

Cresco Group Vision

CRESCO Group Ambition 2030

Create the future, Beyond the horizon

We will realize a stimulating future through the best technology and partnerships.

Atsushi Hirasawa, CEO of Cresco Vietnam

CRESCO Message

Through 10 years of experience working as an engineer and 10 years of project management experience, I think that "people" are essential in business or system development and "communication" is an important factor to success.

In system development, especially after the successes and failures of offshore development, every time I see similar cases, I feel this statement more deeply.


Connect: Country and Country, Company and Company, People and people

Connect and promote the strengths and achievements gained to add new achievements and bring better values.

The solidarity of people creates a strong team, through which our company is developed. In addition, the fact that "communication" is also an indispensable factor.


We believe that system development is like designing, developing and using resources according to their demands.

We consider "people" and "communication" as important elements to develop system and provide value required by our customers.

Let's connect to CRESCO!

We hope to contribute to the success of your business.