Business application development

We can support application development in many fields such as finance and industry.

※ Bank, Insurance, Securities, Travel, Retail, Aviation, Transportation, Human resources, Real estate.

Testing / verification

We can also handle tasks that require a large number of personnel temporarily in a short period of time, such as mass keystroke tests, no-effect confirmation, and regression tests.

In addition, it is also possible to verify the setting values of clouds such as AWS.

System operation / monitoring

Regarding system operation and maintenance and monitoring work based on the procedure manual, the calendar differs between Japan and Vietnam, but it is possible to respond according to the Japan.

Please contact us for 24/7 operation.

Web development

Web development service can be supported on both the front end and back end.

By connection with the Cresco Group, it is possible to implement vulnerabilities and UI / UX-aware designs.


Agile development through a lab system is also possible in collaboration with the Cresco Group.

We will have a Japanese product owner and establish a Vietnamese agile team to respond.

Help desk

We can also handle system help desk operations that utilize ticket base, email, and chat.

If you need to speak Japanese, the number of members who can speak fluent Japanese is limited.

If you need Japanese conversation by phone or anything else, please contact us.

Supports version upgrade
Data migration

We support to upgrades versions in multi languages such as Java NET along with middleware version such as DB.

It is possible to investigate and support incompatibility.

Please contact us for any migrations.


In addition to various surveys such as technical surveys, impact range surveys, and compatibility surveys, we also handle prototype development and PoC on behalf of our customers in a lab system.

Advantages of offshore utilization and management man-hours

Offshore utilization has various merits.

However, offshore-specific management man-hours are not a little required.

We do not offer offensive benefits but also inform our customers about the management man-hours officially.

Benefits of offshore utilization

1. Engineers have excellent expertise and diverse experiences and skills

There are many young, talented and diverse IT engineers in Vietnam.

2.Improve quality continuously with diverse knowledge.

Offshore explicit knowledge is achieved. It reduces tacit knowledge, eliminates ambiguity, and improves quality and continuity as a result.

3.Labor cost is appropriate with price difference

It is one of the features of offshore development. Due to the price difference between Japan and Vietnam, labor costs will be reduced.

4.Management cost merit of technician procurement (no need to select a technician)

Since local IT companies procure and select teams, the cost of procuring engineers in Japan will be reduced.

5.High value-added business shift of Japanese engineers

Not only customers but also Japanese engineers of the Cresco Group will be able to shift to higher value-added operations.

Management man-hours caused by offshore utilization

1.Manager needs to work overtime when any unexpected technical problem occurs

This is an essential risk in IT system development. It is expected to increase more significantly in the offshore case.

2.Documents translation

Not all of us can speak Japanese, so translation is required. A slight time lag due to translation is expected.

3.Communication planning and execution

Frequent meeting will increase. An interpreter by Bridge SE is also required. Meeting man-hours and bridge SE man-hours are required.


The Cresco Group's Japanese system will take responsibility for acceptance. Corresponding man-hours will be required.

5.QA management

A lot of QA occurs especially at the timing such as the beginning of use and the process. Corresponding man-hours may happen.

Offshore-specific management man-hours are incurred, but in most cases the cost benefits outweigh the additional costs.

As a result, a certain cost reduction effect will occur compared to supporting system development only in Japan.

The cost reduction effect is not uniform. It varies by service and type. Please contact us for more information.

Available skills

Development language / framework

Java、VB.Net、C#.Net、Python、PHP、Ruby、VB、C、COBOL Struts、Spring、Django、PyCharm、CakePHP、Hibernate、AndroidStudio、Swift、Ionic、ReactNative、Xamarin


Node JS、Bootstrap、Jquery、Angula JS、React JS、Vue JS




Node JS、Bootstrap、Jquery、Angula JS、React JS、Vue JS