Offshore projects


Stock New application system development
Procedure Development~Test synthesis, infrastructure construction
Period 9/2021~8/2022
Scale 60 man-month
Technique React, Java, AWS
Overview Detach from the old system and rebuild
Point Fully handle the build in React in Vietnam, including improving the existing architecture
Insurance Resellers web development
Procedure Design~release
Period 6/2020~2/2021
Scale 65 man-month
Technique Java
Overview Build resellers website suitable for tablet
Point Basic design completed in Vietnam. Initially, it was difficult to meet the Japanese request, but later, the Japanese MGR in Vietnam intervened and reduced the conflict and resolved it.
Insurance Core system maintenance support
Procedure Maintaince・New development
Period 5/2020~continued
Scale 9 man-month
Technique Java, Astelia…
Overview Support strengthening core system maintenance in the insurance industry
Point Support the maintenance of cyclical development. Join as part of the Japanese side project team. Implement shadowing for the purpose of understanding the customer’s business
Bank Maintainance・System operation
Procedure Maintain and operate
Period 10/2019~Continued
Scale 6 man-month
Technique Z/OS, JCL, Windows, SQLserver…
Overview Infrastructure maintenance and operational monitoring support for the bank’s core systems
Point Perform maintenance and monitoring, focus on process work
Travel Support help desk
Procedure help desk
Period 10/2019~Continued
Scale 15 man-month
Technique DynamicsAX
Tổng quan Support help desk for users of ERP system
Point Make inquiries and communicate as a help desk for ERP systems used at branches worldwide。 Supported in both Japanese and English.
Carriage Develop coupon management system
Procedure Develop~release
Period 5/2021~2/2022
Scale 70 man-month
Technique Java, Angular
Overview Developing a web system to manage coupons for members
Point The front end is in charge of the Vietnamese side, the backend is jointly developed by both Japan and Vietnam. There are Japanese MGRs to support
Human resource CRM system
Procedure Develop SCRUM
Period 12/2021~Continued
Scale 3 man-month
Technique Java, Vue.js, Elastic Search, AzureDevOps
Overview Page to search for customer information and fill in / aggregate results
Point An engineer with good Japanese skills as a leader without BSE
Selling CRM system development
Procedure Design~release
Period 4/2020~9/2020/td>
Scale 300 man-month
Technique AWS, Java, React
Overview Developing business card management software on the Cloud platform
Point Manage business cards on phone via app and develop CRM system. Support from build to release. Develop on microservice architecture.
IT service IoT platform development
Procedure Develop SCRUM
Period 10/2020~Continued
Scale 2 man-month
Technique Java, AngularJS, Docker…
Overview Join the SCRUM team and implement agile development
Point Implement agile development as a member of the SCRUM team with two full-time technicians
Carriage System maintenance
Procedure Maintenance and further development
Period 2/2022~continued
Scale 4 man-month
Technique COBOL…
Overview Maintain the cargo data management system in the delivery service
Point Gathering COBOL Vietnam engineers into 1 team. The Vietnamese side carries out process preparation, advanced maintenance and development
Travel Registration system development
Procedure Design~relesea and maintain
Period 11/2020~continued
Scale 50 man-month(Maintain: 3 man-month)
Technique Java, AWS
Overview Develop a system to cancel support requests from users
Point Although this is a project that needs to be quickly handed over and there are many technical changes from the customer, we have completed it from design to relesea and are still continuing to take care of maintenance.

Past achievements

Categories Method Overview Technique Scale Scale
Bank Develop Build data analytics infrastructure DataStage Java,shell Code and unit test


Around 1.5 year

Stock Test Verify internet banking activities (individuals/organizations) Tool tự động hóa Test 80manmonth
Bank Build system Development environment on AWS(70pcs) AWS Code and unit test 10manmonth
Bank Test Verify internet banking activities (individuals/organizations) Automation Tool Test 80manmonth
Stock Buil system Development environment on AWS(70pcs) AWS Code and unit test 10manmonth
Commerce Migration Version update for backend system Test 30manmonth
Service Build and develop system Refresh system Java, Azure App: code, unit test, test Infra: build, unit test 40manmonth
Human resource Test Support test system refresh Java Prepare design documents, unit test, regression test 40manmonth
Logistics Migration Package system upgrade Grandit Design, Code, unit test, test 30manmonth
Logistics Develop Develop parts trading package Java, Angular Code, unit test, test 100manmonth
Advertisement Develop Develop management system PHP, Vue.js Code unit test, test 35manmonth
Education Develop Develop a performance management system Java, Vue.js Design, Code, unit test, test 10manmonth